AccountChek Plus™ is here!!

  • Robust data at lenders’ fingertips providing better insight into a borrower’s ability to pay.

Lend smarter,Not harder.

The AccountChek® Asset Report you know and love PLUS
robust employment & income data for faster, better-informed credit decisioning

Showing is better than telling.

Take AccountChek Plus™ for a test drive and say goodbye to bank statements.

Asset Verification System

3 Reports in 1


Analysis of overall cash flow using direct-source checking, savings, retirement and investment account data from over 17,000 supported financial institutions*

PLUS Employment

Corroboration of direct-deposit data with
third-party records to positively identify employers and prevent employment fraud

PLUS Income

Instant digital analysis of net income data, including direct deposit frequency and consistency, for better insight into a borrower’s ability to pay

*Asset data furnished by AccountChek Plus is eligible for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™ and Freddie Mac’s LoanProduct Advisor® AIM (Asset & Income Modeler) programs.
Employment and income data furnished by FormFree is not currently eligible for these programs.

Built on a rock-solid foundation

AccountChek Plus™ builds on our legacy AccountChek® Asset Report, trusted by over 100,000 lenders, brokers and loan officers.