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Chloé Brown

Christy Moss, CMB Reflects on a Wild Year

by Chloé Brown on November 5, 2020

It’s been quite the year here at FormFree, but not one without successes — many of which we can attribute to the talented team we have expanded over this past year. We recently sat down with our head of sales and marketing, Christy Moss, who joined the FormFree family October of last year. Christy was happy to share with us her top moments here at FormFree and her expectations for both our company and the industry in the upcoming year. 

Faith Schwartz

Affordable Housing Belongs Among Top 2020 Election Issues

by Faith Schwartz on June 25, 2019

Though the presidential conventions are still a year away, the nation is already getting its first glimpse of the Democratic contenders as they face off in their first debates on NBC. Interest rates are falling, and some two million mortgages are primed for refinance — yet the affordable housing market is ailing. As the primary season starts for the Democrats and the Trump administration digs in to GSE reform, here’s an initial take on where things stand.

Brent Chandler

Still Plenty of Room for Improvement in the Digital Mortgage Process

by Brent Chandler on June 11, 2019

At the beginning of the year the Federal Housing Administration released a mortgagee letter approving the use of third-party providers for verification of borrowers’ asset, income and employment information (further clarified in the administration’s updates to Handbook 4000.1). It’s been a welcome move for issuers of government-backed loans, if a bit Johnny-come-lately (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs all began accepting third-party verifications in 2017 or earlier).

Brian Francis

What Does it Really Mean to Store Data “in the Cloud,” and is it Safe?

by Brian Francis on May 28, 2019

Technology has always been a buzzword-rich environment. One of the biggest challenges for business leaders is to see through the buzzwords and look for what will actually drive business value for their organizations. In the ’90s, “the Web” was the buzzword everyone wanted to be a part of but very few truly understood. In the 2000s, it was “mobile,” and now one of the big ones is “the Cloud.”