AccountChek Plus™ is here!!

  • Robust data at lenders’ fingertips providing better insight into a borrower’s ability to pay.

If Consumers Aren’t Holding Lenders Back, Then Who or What Is? For too long, we’ve made prospective borrowers submit forms and documents for review in an antiquated process that’s subject to fraud, bias and human error. We need to empower consumers with the ability to carry their financial DNA with them at all times and […]

Indecomm has partnered with ability-to-pay fintech FormFree® to introduce Business Health Check, an automated analysis of self-employed loan applicants’ current business income and expense streams that helps mortgage lenders make better-informed loan qualification and underwriting decisions. Calculated using Indecomm’s IncomeGenius® and validated against business bank account information via FormFree’s AccountChek®, Business Health Check provides mortgage lenders with a uniform, […]

When FormFree CEO and Founder Brent Chandler shares what he sees on the horizon of evaluating borrower ability-to-pay (ATP), it’s worth a listen, especially given the fact that he introduced electronic asset verification to the world of mortgage lending. In a recent HousingWire article, Chandler writes: “The faster lenders move away from traditional credit scoring and toward ATP scores fueled by direct-source […]

Think back on all the major financial decisions you’ve made since entering adulthood. Perhaps your list starts with renting your first apartment or buying your first car. Later, you may have taken out a personal or small business loan. Eventually, you purchased your first house, maybe got a home equity line of credit. There’s a […]